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"Quality of the ingredients first"

SUKHOTHAI restaurant is renowned as one of the very best restaurant in Mui Ne.

The chef selects only the best ingredients for his Cuisine. The Thai dishes are prepared with genuine Thai ingredients to give the true Thai Cuisine taste. Only the freshest Seafood and Oysters are served and to ensure that quality some dishes must be ordered 24H in advance.

Located right on the beach, SUKHOTHAI restaurant is known for its grilled cuisine (especially its various whole grilled fishes and its tender, flavorful and juicy grilled beef) and delicious Asian Cuisine (especially Thai and Vietnamese). The restaurant is built on a large area in front of the beach which allows customers to observe the whole beautiful Mui Ne beach. In the morning you can enjoy the sunrise having your breakfast. Visiting the restaurant, at any time customers are assured to have a pleasant and relaxing time with tasteful food and dedicated, professional service.



Logo Sukhothai_Red-Red.jpg

50 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, KP. 1, Ham Tien Ward, Phan  Thiet, Viet Nam

T (84)  02523 847 700 - (84)  02523 847 704 - F (84)  02523 847 701 - Email : bientroi@sunsearesort-muine.com