Ocean Front Beach Bar

The SUNSEA Beach Bar is located within the SUKHOTHAI restaurant. The bar is an open-air structure that allows you to enjoy the whole magnificence of the beach atmosphere and the freshness of the ocean: ear the waves melody, smell the light sea fragrance and feel the little breeze on your skin. Of course, you can still stay on the back of the bar and be away from the breeze and the waves noise. 

With its unique, yet romantic ocean-front architecture, accompanied by musical ambiance, the SUNSEA Beach Bar is best suitable for friendly and family holidays and happy hours.

At SUNSEA Beach Bar, customers have the choice with many kinds of cocktails, beverages, beer and wine prepared by professional bartenders.

SUNSEA Beach Bar Menu

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50 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, KP. 1, Ham Tien Ward, Phan  Thiet, Viet Nam

T (84)  02523 847 700 - (84)  02523 847 704 - F (84)  02523 847 701 - Email :